What is a progressive stamp?

This is also known as a progressive die. As its name suggests, it is used to carry out several operations in succession. Each time the press cuts, the strip is fed forward one step (one station). The micro-mechanical parts being created is obtained progressively.

Depending on what comes before it, we can immediately draw several conclusions:

  • One of the major problems of progressive die blanking is accurately "controlling" the strip of material. This is needed to guarantee the correct relative positioning for each operation as required for the final part to be obtained.
  • A press is required with an adjustable strip feeder which can be disengaged depending on the position of the slide in the press.
  • The component to be created must be held in place by the strip until the last operation.
  • Before starting production, the setter must "carry out a progression". The strip of material to be die cut must successfully pass all the steps (work stations) of the progressive stamp. Only one diligent and adequately trained person can successfully complete this operation.
  • Once the "progression" is complete, a part will be produced for each cut of the press.